We believe that transparency is a main key to success. TravelCoin is committed to building a family of Subscribers. We recognise that the more people know about TravelCoin, the better. Our aim is to provide great value for TravelCoin early adopters.

As TCF looks towards funding opportunities, we intend to hear from our TravelCoin community as to what they believe is most important. Our Board of Directors are always looking at ways in which TCF can best change the travel industry.

Stake Reward Distribution System (SRDS) Up To 30%

TravelCoin is using Stake Reward Distribution System (SRDS) to reward loyalty to the community and the bright future of TravelCoin. The more TravelCoins you hold in your wallet, the more Stake Rewards you get. This also makes the opportunity a level playing field for everyone. Those who are not so familiar with the technology and how to setup a mining machine and connect to the network to mine and those who do not have access to large sums of funds to invest in powerful computing devices, can participate in the success of TravelCoin through the SRDS.

Subscribers may hold their coins in their TravelCoin wallet and receive Stake Reward coins on a daily basis. The Stake Reward is calculated based on an algorithm that takes into account the quantity of TravelCoins you are holding at the time of distributing Stake Rewards. The Stake Reward tier levels:


0 - 999 0% PoS
1,000 - 4,999 10% PoS
5,000 - 49,999 15% PoS
50,000 - 199,999 20% PoS
200,000 - 499,999 25% PoS
500,000 - INFINITY 30% PoS

Secondary Market for Subscribers

The TravelCoin Secondary Market allows for immediate liquidity during the ICO period. Subscribers can load their USD Wallet by up to 10 times the subscription made. It’s simple to load your USD Wallet with any of the crowdfunding options. Trade amongst all the Subscribers of TravelCoin and help raise the awareness and value of TravelCoin. The initial Discounted Base Value of TravelCoin will start at the $0.01. The Buy/Sell limits are also set by the ICO Base Value Discount Algorithm. There is no trading or withdrawal fee applied. This service is free for all Subscribers of TravelCoin and is based on our desire to support small Subscribers who have needs that are different than the very wealthy. Watch this video for training on how to use this revolutionary platform.