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Building from the belief that travel is one of the antidotes to division and conflict in the world – holding fast to the knowledge that, once you travel to parts unknown, you quickly realize how much more alike we are, than different – TravelCoin® Foundation (TCF)  is determined to open the world…to itself. Achieving this through developing programs that make travel easier and giving travellers the tools to step outside their community and into the global village.

The newest tool developed by TCF is TravelCoin® Plus (TLCP), a powerful new cryptocurrency that allows the global TravelCoin® Foundation community to begin enjoying the benefits of belief. This coin is available on public exchanges and ready to be shared around the world. Built on the Ethereum protocol, this unique coin uses the power and transparency of this public blockchain but with an added layer of security by making it a private community. TravelCoin® Plus utilizes a private Proof of Authority (PoA) chain to allow the TravelCoin® Foundation to determine which nodes the validators for the chain should be. Because our network is permissioned, and TCF knows all nodes, the difficulty is very low and allows for CPU mining of transactions and the storing of nodes on the cloud. This allows for faster transaction speeds, greater privacy of the data/content and a centralised control over providing access to the blockchain.

This means that those who are invited into the network and wish to mint TravelCoin® Plus, can do so without having to buy expensive equipment or dedicate enormous time to generate coins. All the work is done for them, through a minting cloud program.

TravelCoin® Plus has been launched on public exchanges to immediately begin addressing some of the problems in the travel industry that can’t be addressed by TLC until it completes its ICO process. As TravelCoin® Foundation continues to build market share, develops and funds new projects, and garners even greater international respect and support, TLC and TLCP become the perfect partnership. TravelCoin® Plus allows for immediate use in the open market while TravelCoin® grows in base value so that, upon the close of the TLC ICO period, TravelCoin® Plus is a natural bridge for TLC and an even stronger way to change travel.

Kate Guimbellot, TCF Executive Director, offers a glimpse into TravelCoin Plus, an amazing new cyrptocurrency built with PoA (Proof of Authority):

 Chief Technology Officer for TCF, Jason Sosnowski, shares the power of TravelCoin Plus and why it is so revolutionary:

Advantages to TravelCoin® Plus