The Original Cryptocurrency Developed for Real World Use, Not Just Trading. Use TLC the Way You Use Money!

TravelCoin is a powerful digital currency available on public exchange with a focus on the travel industry. With an initial 146,400,000 coins in circulation during its ICO period, and a maximum coin supply of 5,126,928,000 over the next three decades, TravelCoin is being used around the globe.

The TravelCoin Stake Reward Distribution System (SRDS) mechanism provides coin holders with rewards every year of a maximum 30% of the original 146.4 Million TravelCoins per year. This means every year a maximum 146.4 Million TravelCoins will be created. This will bring an inflationary effect which is good for the TravelCoin economy. It will take a minimum of 33 years to mine all TravelCoins. This mean by 2050 5.126 billion TravelCoins will be in circulation.

The Team

The TravelCoin® Foundation Management Team consists of highly qualified professionals in their respective areas to ensure that the mission and objectives of TCF are achieved in a timely fashion and with the highest quality.

The TCF team is committed to protecting TravelCoin holders’ interests and to delivering value in TravelCoin usage. This group of tenured professionals join TCF with a wealth of experience, vision and passion for the industry. They, along with the TCF Advisory Council, are determined to change the future while bringing innovative programmes to the travel industry.

TravelCoin Advisory Council

TCF has empowered the TravelCoin community to become MTB Millioaires’ Club Members, allowing them to join the TCF Advisory Council. The Council works with the TCF Directors to determine next best steps to achieving the goals of the Foundation. These options are then shared with the community at large for voting  through a Democratic Autonomous Organisation (DAO) where control is in the hands of TravelCoin holders.

Global Community

Digital Currency is a phenomenon in the world of technology.

The core concept is simple yet complex for many around the world. The success of a Digital Currency is its user adoption, widespread application is only possible through ease of use and low barrier to entry. TCF is reaching out to the world and building TravelCoin communities all around the globe from China in the East to USA and Canada in the West. TCF has already built a global community that includes Asia Pacific, South East Asia, West Asia, Euro Asia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Africa, North America, South America and The Caribbean.

TravelCoin® Community Votes for Projects

TCF is a community based not-for-profit where we empower our TravelCoin Community to vote on major development projects of TravelCoin via Smart Contract. This means that TravelCoin holders are decision makers in selecting which projects should be given priority or made redundant. This brings the power in the hands of TravelCoin holders, in shape of true democracy.

Value Addition

We believe that transparency is a main key to success. TravelCoin is committed to building a global community. We recognise that the more people know about TravelCoin, the better. Our aim is to provide great value for TravelCoin early adopters.

As TCF looks towards funding opportunities, we intend to always hear from our TravelCoin community as to what they believe is most important. Our Directors are always looking at ways in which TCF can best change the travel industry.

Stake Reward Distribution System (SRDS) Up To 30%

TravelCoin is using Stake Reward Distribution System (SRDS) to reward loyalty to the community and the bright future of TravelCoin. The more TravelCoins you hold in your wallet, the more Stake Rewards you get. This also makes the opportunity a level playing field for everyone. Those who are not so familiar with the technology and how to setup a mining machine and connect to the network to mine and those who do not have access to large sums of funds to invest in powerful computing devices, can participate in the success of TravelCoin through the SRDS.

Subscribers may hold their coins in their TravelCoin wallet and receive Stake Reward coins on a daily basis. The Stake Reward is calculated based on an algorithm that takes into account the quantity of TravelCoins you are holding at the time of distributing Stake Rewards. The Stake Reward tier levels:


0 – 999 0% PoS
1,000 – 4,999 10% PoS
5,000 – 49,999 15% PoS
50,000 – 199,999 20% PoS
200,000 – 499,999 25% PoS
500,000 – INFINITY 30% PoS

Secondary Market for Early Adopters Versus Open Exchange

The TravelCoin Secondary Market allows for our global community of TravelCoin holders to exchange TLC within our closed community. There is no trading or withdrawal fee applied when using the Secondary Market. This service is free for all holders of TravelCoin. However, if a TLC holder transfers their TravelCoin to one of the public exchanges chosen by TCF there are fees associated with all Etherium networks. These fees are called gas. During the initial Beta development stage, a 0% introductory offer is being offered. Once this period is over a standard fee of 1% will be charged. All users will be informed long in advance of this change, which is due in 2019.

Once TravelCoin have been moved to an open exchange they cannot be returned to the Secondary Market environment.

Ethereum’s Original Wallet, which is referred to as MyEtherWallet (MEW) is a free, client-side interface helping you interact with our Ethereum blockchain. It is easy-to-use and an open-source platform that allows you to generate wallets, interact with smart contracts, and so much more. Click the link below to set up your MyEtherWallet now.

As TravelCoin is build on the ERC20 platform, you can use the leading BlockExplorer, Etherscan, as a search engine that allows users to easily lookup, confirm and validate transactions that have taken place on the Ethereum Blockchain. Click below to access the site.

Inflation & Stake Reward

2019 488,000,000 146,400,000 30%
2020 634,400,000 146,400,000 23%
2021 780,800,000 146,400,000 19%
2022 927,200,000 146,400,000 16%
2023 1,073,600,000 146,400,000 14%
2024 1,220,000,000 146,400,000 12%
2025 1,366,400,000 146,400,000 11%
2026 1,512,800,000 146,400,000 10%
2027 1,659,200,000 146,400,000 9%
2028 1,805,600,000 146,400,000 8%
2029 1,952,000,000 146,400,000 8%
2030 2,098,400,000 146,400,000 7%
2031 2,244,800,000 146,400,000 7%
2032 2,391,200,000 146,400,000 6%
2033 2,537,600,000 146,400,000 6%
2034 2,684,000,000 146,400,000 5%
2035 2,830,400,000 146,400,000 5%
2036 2,976,800,000 146,400,000 5%
2037 3,123,200,000 146,400,000 5%
2038 3,269,600,000 146,400,000 4%
2039 3,416,000,000 146,400,000 4%
2040 3,562,400,000 146,400,000 4%
2041 3,708,800,000 146,400,000 4%
2042 3,855,200,000 146,400,000 4%
2043 4,001,600,000 146,400,000 4%
2044 4,148,000,000 146,400,000 4%
2045 4,294,400,000 146,400,000 3%
2046 4,440,800,000 146,400,000 3%
2047 4,587,200,000 146,400,000 3%
2048 4,733,600,000 146,400,000 3%
2049 4,880,000,000 146,400,000 3%
2050 5,026,400,000 100,825,000 2%

A Revolutionary Approach to an ICO

From the start TravelCoin Foundation was determined to revolutionize the way digital currencies work. TravelCoin’s ICO included distributing 500 Million TravelCoins to the travel and cryptocurrency industry starting in September 2017. The base value of TravelCoin® was $1. The Base Value Discount Algorithm  determined the discounted price during each of 26 tranches. The starting discounted price was $0.01 and the discount reduced through the offering period (refer to chart below). The maximum donation per Subscriber was equivalent to $500, allowing an opportunity for small investors to be a part of this life changing, and world changing, opportunity. During the ICO the goal was to build a global community who will reap the benefits of investing in their beliefs. Upon the completion of the tranche schedule TravelCoins was made public. Unlike traditional ICOs, the expected investment period lasted 2 years and the migration date was completely dictated by investor adoption. The philosophy behind a longer investment period lies in our culture. TCF is about harnessing the power of the travel community. By extending our investment period, we gave more time for more people to learn about the Foundation and to participate in the ICO.

Below you can see the details of this approach and what made it so revolutionary.

What is an ICO and How Does it Work?

An ICO is, simply, Crowdfunding. This centuries old method helps support projects off the ground. Traditionally family or friends would offer their help in the shape of loans or support to help accomplish the new business ideas. In more recent years, with the help of technology and widespread use of internet crowdfunding though internet has taken a leap. As per a report published by University of Cambridge business school in 2015 it was estimated that over $34 billion were raised via this method.

Watch this video to learn more.

ICO Infographic

TravelCoin Distribution Tranches

1 0.01 4 weeks 50,000,000
2 0.02 4 weeks 50,000,000
3 0.03 4 weeks 50,000,000
4 0.04 4 weeks 50,000,000
5 0.05 4 weeks 50,000,000
6 0.06 4 weeks 75,000,000
7 0.07 4 weeks 75,000,000
8 0.08 4 weeks 75,000,000
9 0.09 4 weeks 75,000,000
10 0.10 4 weeks 75,000,000
11 0.12 4 weeks 75,000,000
12 0.14 4 weeks 75,000,000
13 0.16 4 weeks 75,000,000
14 0.18 4 weeks 75,000,000
15 0.20 4 weeks 75,000,000
16 0.25 4 weeks 80,000,000
17 0.30 4 weeks 80,000,000
18 0.35 4 weeks 80,000,000
19 0.40 4 weeks 80,000,000
20 0.45 4 weeks 80,000,000
21 0.50 4 weeks 100,000,000
22 0.60 4 weeks 100,000,000
23 0.70 4 weeks 100,000,000
24 0.80 4 weeks 100,000,000
25 0.90 4 weeks 100,000,000
26 1.00 4 weeks 100,000,000