Project Timeline

TCF Timeline

Completed Projects

  • MAY 2017

    • TCF was first funded by a private donor with 100 BTC
  • JULY 2017

    • TravelCoin® Foundation created
    • TCF White Paper created
    • TCF Brand Guidelines designed
    • TCF Website developed
    • TCF Prospectus developed
    • First permanent BOD appointed
  • AUGUST 2017

    • Stake Reward Distribution System (SRDS) defined
    • Management Team assembled
    • Smart Contract made public on Ether Scanner and Github
    • ICO announced
    • TravelCoin developed and deployed on 21 Aug 2017
    • TravelCoin available on Ethereum Blockchain Explorer
    • Second permanent BOD appointed
    • TLC Token issuing Smart Contract
    • USD TLC token issuing Smart Contract
  • SEPTEMBER 2017

    • ICO launch
    • Subscriber accounts created
    • First tranche of 50M coins released

    • TravelCoin Wallet Launched
    • Secondary Market Trading Platform Launched
  • OCTOBER 2018

    • TravelCoin Plus Launched
  • SEPTEMBER 2019

    • Proof of Stake Reward Distribution System
    • DAO Community Voting

Immediate Projects Underway

Future Projects

The TravelCoin® Foundation will engage in a series of development projects and develop blockchain smart contracts specific to the travel industry. These smart contracts provide a strength to the security of the traveller and the travel industry as well as creating a shared infrastructure among travel providers by supporting travel services.