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Project Description

TravelCoin® Hero Project : TravelCoin Point Swap

TravelCoin Point Swap is our hero project. Most travellers are members of at least one loyalty points program in each service category of airlines, hotels, and car rentals. Collecting points is simple – sign up as a member and earn points when you fly, rent a hotel night or book a car rental. Redemption is not always as simple. Sometimes loyalty points providers have restrictions on the use of their points; some providers do not allow transferring of points; most providers are exclusive meaning they only honour their brand of points; and, often the traveller just does not have enough points to redeem the reward they seek. With a universal TravelCoin, TravelCoin Foundation can bridge the gap between loyalty programs by developing a platform which will allow points from separate loyalty programs to work together.

The TravelCoin Point Swap initiative will develop a software and exchange platform for holders of loyalty points to exchange or “swap” their points for TravelCoin and vice versa. Through the relationships this project will build with travel retailers, TravelCoin holders will be able to use their TravelCoin to book or upgrade their hotel room, flight or car rental using TravelCoin Point Swap. The TravelCoin platform will be independent and universal. It will become one-stop shop for collecting loyalty points. Funds generated from the ICO will be used to focus on engaging with select hotels, airlines and car rental agencies who will support TravelCoin by participating in the phase one rollout of the TravelCoin Point Swap initiative.

It is the Foundation’s mandate to create ease of use for travellers and by developing a point swap facility, travellers can seamlessly share TravelCoins amongst friends and family while retailers enjoy the customer satisfaction spill-over effect and loyalty they receive from the pleasant customer experience.