Digital Currency is a brand-new phenomenon in the world of technology.

The core concept is simple yet complex for many around the world. The success of a Digital Currency is its user adoption, widespread application is only possible through ease of use and low barrier to entry. TCF is reaching out to the world and building TravelCoin communities all around the globe from China in the East to USA and Canada in the West. During the very early phase of launch, TCF has already received interest in the TravelCoin from Asia pacific, South East Asia, West Asia, Euro Asia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Africa, North America, South America and The Caribbean.

1 Million Subscribers

One of the main goals of TravelCoin is to gather 1 Million Subscribers by Dec 2019. The bigger the community, the stronger the support making TravelCoin a currency of choice for travellers around the world.

$500 Contribution Limit

One of the innovative steps by TravelCoin is to make its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) a level playing field for masses by setting a maximum limit of $500 subscription for each Subscriber.

Extended ICO Fundraising Period

Traditional ICOs last for a few weeks and are usually taken up by institutional subscribers. The majority of them have know-how of the digital currency or tech industry. These qualified subscribers are constantly monitoring the trends and are the first to jump into the upcoming ICO based on their knowledge and experience. By the time ordinary people get to know about these amazing ICO offerings it’s too late for them. TravelCoin provided a solution for this by offering a longer term ICO with caps on subscriptions. This enables masses to participate and take advantage of the ICO offering and in return will help TravelCoin achieve its 1 Million Subscribers goal. 

TravelCoin® Community Votes for Projects

TCF is a community based not-for-profit where we empower our TravelCoin Community to vote on major development projects of TravelCoin via Smart Contract. This means that TravelCoin Subscribers are not only decision makers in electing the Board of Directors but also in selecting which projects should be given priority or made redundant. This brings the power in the hands of TravelCoin holders, in shape of true democracy.