The TravelCoin® Foundation Management Team consists of highly qualified professionals in their respective areas to ensure that the mission and objectives of TCF are achieved in a timely fashion and with the highest quality. 

The TCF team is committed to protecting Subscribers’ interests and to delivering value in TravelCoin usage. This group of tenured professionals join TCF with a wealth of experience, vision and passion for the industry. They, along with the TCF Board, are determined to change our Subscribers future while bringing innovative programmes to the travel industry.

Directors Election by TravelCoin® Subscribers

TCF has empowered the TravelCoin community to elect Directors to run this Foundation This
is a sign of a true democracy using the blockchain technology at the helm of it. The concept is based on
Democratic Autonomous Organisation (DAO) where control is in the hands of TravelCoin holders.

The Directors of TravelCoin Foundation will be elected by the TravelCoin holders via smart contract voting system. The management comprises of five Directors, with two permanent positions and the other three are elected by TravelCoin holders. One of the three elected Directors will represent the Corporate Subscribers of TravelCoin Foundation. Directors once elected serve for a 1 year term. The Board of Directors appoint the Executive Director and Advisory Council.