MAY 2017

  • TCF was first funded by a private donor with 100 BTC

JULY 2017

  • TravelCoin® Foundation created

  • TCF White Paper created

  • TCF Brand Guidelines designed

  • TCF Website developed

  • TCF Prospectus developed

  • First permanent BOD appointed


  • Stake Reward Distribution System (SRDS) defined

  • Management Team assembled

  • Smart Contract made public on Ether Scanner and Github

  • ICO announced

  • TravelCoin developed and deployed on 21 Aug 2017

  • TravelCoin available on Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

  • Second permanent BOD appointed

  • TLC Token issuing Smart Contract

  • USD TLC token issuing Smart Contract


  • ICO launch

  • Subscriber accounts created

  • First tranche of 50M coins released

october - december 2017

  • TravelCoin Wallet Launched

  • Secondary Market Trading Platform Launched



This is a voting system that
uses smart contract for DAO and
for different projects by
TravelCoin holders.

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Private peer
to peer Communication

The future of communication is changing rapidly while at the same time there is an increased demand for higher levels of security-locked communication channels. 

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The TravelCoin® Foundation will engage in a series of development projects and develop blockchain smart contracts specific to the travel industry. These smart contracts provide a strength to the security of the traveller and the travel industry as well as creating a shared infrastructure among travel providers by supporting travel services.


TravelCoin Point Swap

TravelCoin Point Swap is our hero project. Most travellers are members of at least one loyalty points program in each service category of airlines, hotels, and
car rentals.

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Smart Escrow

Transactions happen all the time in every corner of the world. When one party is willing to exchange a fee or service for an item or service they desire, and there is a reciprocating party in agreement, some form of contract is entered into.

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TravelCoin™ Go

TravelCoin Foundation understands the allure of gamification and will use this to promote global travel and connect people and experiences through its TravelCoin Go initiative.

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KYC on blockchain

KYC is standard business practice for most businesses. The process of KYC is not simple, user friendly, fast or cost efficient for any business operating on a
global scale. 

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USB secure Vault

There is always a need for security in the technology space. TravelCoin Foundation will develop a USB vault for ease of use
and security. 

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Global Internet

TCF believes that Global Internet is a basic human right that should be made available free to everyone without barriers.

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Ownership on Blockchain

Blockchain technology is a true revolution in the world of technology. Many people have the misconception that blockchain means digital currency. 

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