three ways you can be part of TCF

TravelCoin® will not only help change the world and the travel industry but also create value for early Subscribers. This increase in value for early Subscribers is seen even during the ICO period. The base value of TravelCoin is $1, but using the Base Value Discount Algorithm Subscribers acquire TravelCoins at discounted pricing during the ICO period.

TravelCoin is built upon the proof of concept of hundreds of successful cryptocurrencies offered worldwide valued at billions of dollars, so you know that your subscription is being leveraged in a strong market offering.




An individual or a company can participate in TravelCoin by becoming a Subscriber free of cost.

Subscribers may also buy TravelCoins of up to $500.

There are several payment methods available for Subscribers. The number of TravelCoins a Subscriber may receive depends on the amount paid and discounted Base Value of TravelCoin at the time of purchase.

The subscription limit has been placed in order to provide the opportunity to a wider community to be part of TravelCoin and gain advantage. 




TCF partners with other organisations who wish to help revolutionize the travel industry by partnering with TravelCoin to use their digital currency for their incentives and reward programmes. Hotels, airlines and travel related companies are welcome to become a Corporate Subscriber. A Corporate Subscriber may apply and each application will be assessed and approved on a case-by-case basis.  

So, if your company has the vision to see the future as we do, please email us at with a company profile, contact information and your proposal, and let’s see how we can partner to unlock a world of opportunity for millions of people around the globe.



We are a diverse group of amazing professionals who are spread across the globe. We won’t be limited by borders and want to partner with talented people who have vision and the desire to share a unique perspective. We believe that our differences are our greatest strength and, if that aligns with your viewpoint and you have talents to add to our mission, we want to talk to you, no matter whether you are in Boston or Beijing. We have opportunities for IT development, website design, SEO execution, blogging, promotion and PR, almost any way a creative and forward-thinking person can contribute is of interest to us. Let’s chat about how you might earn TravelCoins or other sweat equity exchange. These opportunities will be assessed on a case by case basis so email a proposal to tell us all about you, your skills and how we might partner.  


TravelCoin Foundation is proud to partner with MyTravelBiz (MTB) as they support our goal of changing the travel industry by serving as our first Corporate Sponsor.


The synergy between our organizations are many. We both aim to change the world, we both understand the power of Blockchain technology and we are based in the travel industry.

MyTravelBiz provides a life-changing opportunity to get paid to travel and allows their Representatives to make more than a just a living…they help them make a life. MTB offers the world’s first marketing plan on blockchain with proof of ownership and their Representatives earn discounted travel, passive income from their online travel store, and commissions when they build a team. 

MTB supports TCF by awarding their Representatives with TravelCoin based on Ranks achieved. This innovative commission platform has a great impact on the worldwide adoption of the ICO and future value of the coin when it goes public. MTB and TCF work hand in hand to provide two outstanding opportunities to leverage blockchain technology and the incredible potential that TravelCoin presents. Become a Corporate Sponsor, and experience the exponential benefits of being an early adopter.