At TravelCoin Foundation, partnership are very important. Just as our relationships with every Subscriber matters, so does growing the global awareness of our mission and ICO offering through professional Partnerships. Our Corporate Sponsor, MyTravelBiz, is a perfect example how this synergy works. We are very excited to share that we have a second Corporate Sponsor located in Dubai. Spurt Car Rental joined us at the MTB Founder Circle Conference last week in Dubai to announce this new relationship. We look forward to Spurt Car Rental customers being given the opportunity to use TravelCoins for part of their rental costs. Just one more way we are providing value to our cryptocurrency before the ICO is even over. So, if you are in Dubai and need a car - make sure to visit Spurt!

在旅行币基金会,合作关系非常重要。 正如我们与每位用户的关系很重要一样,通过专业的合作关系来提高全球对我们的使命和ICO发售的意识度也很重要。 我们的企业赞助商MyTravelBiz就是这种协同效应的完美例证。 我们非常兴奋地宣布位于迪拜的第二家企业赞助商加入我们。 Spurt 汽车租赁上周在迪拜的MTB创始人圈会议上与我们一起宣布了这一新的合作关系。 我们期待Spurt汽车租赁的客户有机会使用旅行币来支付他们的部分租车费用。 这就是在ICO甚至还未结束之前,我们为我们的加密货币提供价值的又一种方法。 所以,如果您在迪拜,需要一辆车 - 一定要去Spurt租车!