Ingram Winter Green and TravelCoin Foundation



Ingram Winter Green LLP, a firm of English solicitors, is pleased to have provided legal advice to TravelCoin Foundation.

IWG advised TravelCoin Foundation on the English EU legal and regulatory dimensions of its initial coin offering and electronic currency operations. The lead lawyer at IWG was Colin Winter, who heads up the firm’s corporate and commercial department. Colin is an expert in FinTech structures and regulation, with a particular interest in crowd-funding platforms and cryptocurrencies.

Colin commented as follows:

TravelCoin is an interesting and innovative new product, which offers something different in an ever-expanding field of cryptocurrencies. I wish TravelCoin every success in its future ventures.
— Colin Winter

Ingram Winter Green LLP是一家英国律师事务所,很高兴为旅行币基金会提供了法律建议。

IWG基于英国欧盟法律和监管方面,向旅行币基金会就其首次代币发售和电子货币运作提供了建议。 IWG的首席律师是Colin Winter,他负责该公司的法人和商业部门。 Colin是FinTech结构和监管方面的专家,他特别关注众筹平台和加密货币的情况。


旅行币是一款有趣而创新的新产品,它在不断扩大的加密货币领域里提供了不同的东西。 我希望旅行币在其未来的事业中取得成功。
— Colin Winter