Executive Director


Kate has enjoyed 20+ years as a successful top executive by blending her business acumen, vision and passion to build inspired teams and deliver exceptional results. Having served as an Executive Administrator, Vice President and Chief Operations Officer in a variety of industries, she possesses the skills to inspire continued growth in fundraising, stakeholder engagement and brand awareness. As an organizer, speaker and lifelong philanthropist, Kate believes that our purpose in life is to leave behind a deposit, not a withdrawal. Raised in Europe and an avid traveler, she has circumnavigated the globe many times over and recognizes that we are connected more by our similarities than our differences. Married for over 25 years, and raising a 10-year-old son, Kate looks forward to a legacy of making lives better, families stronger and the world a better place – all through TravelCoin Foundation. 


Chief Operating Officer

Lisa is an adaptable, high-performing leader with a background spanning operations, analysis, project management, and process improvement within diverse environments and business areas. She has spent 20 years in the Direct Selling industry with experience in operations, logistics, customer care, member support, business analysis and international expansion. Lisa has a track record of leveraging strong technical understanding, people management abilities, and problem-solving skills to drive day-to-day and complex initiatives. A true analyst at heart, Lisa is passionate about finding ways to do things better and more efficiently while trying to benefit the most amount of people which is the whole purpose of the TravelCoin Foundation. Lisa’s passion for travel was ignited when she took her first trip to Europe while in University. She has shared that love of travel with her husband and three children. 


Chief TechNOLOGY Officer

Jason Sosnowski is a technology professional with a deep and broad understanding of digital currency and the technology behind it. With over 15 years of experience in startups and entrepreneurship, his strong commercial skills coupled with deep technical understanding are evidenced by a proven track record of bringing products to market on time and under budget.  Jason has always had a love of travel and has made it his goal to travel the world and to work in the travel industry. Having experienced 113 countries, Jason has a strong understanding of world cultures with his main goal being not to look at a monument but to get to know the people who live around the monument.  He has climbed huge mountains and has been diving in the deepest oceans.  Jason and his wife have two beautiful children that he absolutely adores.  A true Renaissance man, Jason is equally at home writing code, installing a satellite dish, or making his signature Spaghetti Bolognese or Fettuccini Alfredo.




Ali joins TravelCoin Foundation with a strong range of experience. In addition to a long Graphic Design and Web Design resume, she also holds a degree in English. These varied skills have allowed Ali the chance to contribute to organizations in many ways for over 15 years. She is always excited to be a part of an innovative project that broadens her knowledge of new technologies while expanding her design skills. The Foundation, with its harnessing of blockchain technology, suits Ali perfectly and she is loving that she gets to be a part of such a world changing organization.  When Ali is not hard at work on her computer designing our breathtaking websites and social media posts, she loves most spending time with her young son and amazing husband. In her quiet time, Ali is an avid reader and loves watching superhero movies and TV shows.


Video Producer

Jefferson has a background in the entertainment industry, having begun his career in front of the camera, though later deciding that his passion for telling engaging stories was better served by honing his writing, producing and directing skills. Subsequently, he has been in the industry for more than 25 years and has writing, producing and directing credits for short films, documentaries and features. Jefferson uses his passion for telling stories to assist nonprofits and underrepresented artists to reach audiences with narratives that have meaningful impact. He was formerly a board member, and remains a volunteer, for the nonprofit One by One Project - an organization dedicated to bringing attention to and ending human trafficking. Jefferson has been married for twenty years and is the proud father of three wonderful children.